MadEra customz is a woodshop based in Barcelona, crafting fine quality woodworks & Surfboards.

Handcrafted surfboards, furniture & custom built-in cabinetry

Wooden boards are definitely different surfing from the modern foam boards. They are also beautiful and last much longer than foam boards. If you give it a little love, it will stay with you forever.

In 1991, at the age of 16, I started my formation as carpenter in Germany. In 1992, I spent my first surfing holiday in Anglet, southern France. Ever since, I knew that these two passions would stay with me for a very long time!

Eight years later, in 2000, I received my masters degree in carpentry in Düsseldorf, Germany.
Then I started traveling, working, and surfing in many different places all around the world.

I worked in lots of different fields of woodworking, learned a ton, saw and surfed a lot of different surfboards and then started building my own solid wooden board in 2006 – my first wooden balsa board – a 6″ single fin.

As a passionate, surfing carpenter, building a wooden surfboard was the only logical consequence.

Since 2010, I am based in Barcelona, Spain with my little family. Still working as a carpenter, but also building wooden hollow surfboards and other wave riding vehicles.
For almost ten years now, I have been building and surfing my boards and I am still loving it.

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